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#97758 - Again she climbed off the bed I could hear her in the room but of course I couldn’t see due to the blindfold, after a few minutes she reached across the bed and pulled down the blindfold and now she was wearing a long gown of black material covered with silver and gold glitter type stuff that shimmered in the candlelight. Then telling me she wasn’t finished made me promise if she untied my wrist from the headboard that I would allow her to finish, of course once again I was in no position to argue and she knowing that I am a man of my word untied my wrist as i allowed her to finsih she slipped the red lace teddy over my still blindfolded head and slipped the fingerless gloves onto my hands and up my forearms and attached the choker around my kneck as well and then resecured my wrist to the headboard. She left the room for a few minutes and came back not armed with just a camera but a video camera and a tube of bright shiney lipstick and she carefully outlined my lips into a viv

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