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#81967 - We were the second folks to arrive with Lex and Brooke, having already shown up and started a nice fire, I led Katie to the cent of the campsite by her collar she put on upon our arrival and tied her down to a small bench with a collapsible head rest, the bench was about 12 inches high and 12 inches wide, and only 34 inches long with the head rest. Even tho it had been two weeks since I had had any type of sexual encounter I planned to have as many as possible, that week, as was humanly possible. While I continued my assult on her ass, John and Leesa came out of the cabin to watch what was going on, Leesa went back inside, but came right back wearing her strap-on, and she crawled under Katie and began to fuck her pussy from underneath, after Helen was happily satisfied with Katie's performance she got up and John took her place and told Katie to suck his cock clean, which she did til he was hard again and fucked her mouth like it was a piece of pussy, just as I was feeling my cu

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Miyuki sakura
Thats so fucking weird bruh like kill yourself
Natsuki sakaki
Alexandra potter is such a delicious gorgeous sexy woman