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#94371 - Having showered I went down to the lounge and found dad watching the TV, I jumped onto the settee beside him and cuddled up close, I looked up at him and said “Thanks you daddy” he bent his head and kissed me nose, “No Thank you sweetheart” I pulled his arms around me and slipped one under my T shirt so he could feel my tits, we were sat like this until mom came home an hour later, as she came in he pulled his hand from me but let my stay in his arms, mom asked how our day had been, “Fine dear” “Great mom, hope I have more days like today” I gave dad a wishful look, he smiled and gave me a little nod. For five minutes he sucked and nibbled my tits then slowly he kissed his way down my smooth flat stomach, instinctively my legs parted as he moved across, my pussy was soaking wet and as his mouth clamped on my little bud I screamed out with pure pleasure, “OH God daddy, that feels so good” his experienced tongue worked up and down my outer lips and around and around, teasing me now, he

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