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#69244 - All day Saturday guys turned up and used our bodies, when either of us felt ready we took on a horse to give them a show, Joy always gets the most guys watching, which is expected, bt I enjoy them just as much, we saw Steve talking to the guys, some we had never seen, others had fucked us before, but still more turned up. I'll say this carefully, we don't have many dark guys turn up, because where we live the numbers are low, but when I saw a nice big dark cock aimed at my butt, I pushed back hard, his meat felt great, filling my ass nicely he took his time working my g spot and sending me higher than any other guy had today, he was really good, I turned and told him I want your number before you leave please. We soon got thier cocks wet in our holes, more guys turned up later as we were kept them all busy, my ass was opened up and a good load of cum dropped in very quickly by one of the new guys, Joy also had a fresh cock filling her pussy as another guys fucked her mout

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