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#349931 - . As I left the home and went out the back I felt a wave I heat hit me as I saw Korra fire bending, You alright? You seem angry? I asked as she let her arms fall to her sides limply as she turned to face me wih anger riddling her face What do you want! she shouted at me with an almost uncontrollable rage as I took a step back in shock at how violent she was at the age of 12 What's your problem I retorted in frustration as she stomped towards me What's my problem! What's MY problem! You're my problem! I don't need you! You are just going to try and take my role as avatar like you did to Avatar Aang! she screamed in my face as she closed the distance between us and stared at me with eyes full of rage, fury but also fear I didn't steal his role as Avatar, my role is to guide and protect the Avatar not take it away from them I replied calmly as I tried to cool her down Yes you did! It was his job to bring balance to the wo

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