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#168307 - The Boy looked up wide eyed and said Wow, are you a REAL Marine? Thats RIght Boy the Marine said Wanna wear my hat? SURE the boy said taking the hat and trying it on while the Marine went into a stall. Wow are you a REAL Army Ranger? The Ranger looked won and said thats right boy, you wanna suck my cock? The boy stepped back suddenly and replied Hey, I'm not a REAL Marine, I'm just airing his hat! (For all those who FLame, :) Inter service rivalry is with the understanding that we are brothers in arms, and The army takes it as good naturedly when the 2 role are reversed) HOOAH! Spemper FI. (with respect to my brother in arms The Marines who tell this Joke differently) One day A boy was taking a piss in the bathroom, when a Marine Walked in in his dress uniform.

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Gorou inogashira
Thank you i m glad you like it
Reika aoki
The pubic hair kind of ruined the visuals for me
Cure fortune
Perfect pussy