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#150506 - When he entered the front door he was greeted by the Tom, the day shift host. When Gary turned around, Frank was standing there with a huge butt plug, one that Frank only used when he had to discipline Gary. Gary was in seventh heaven, there was nothing in the world like Frank's erection filling his mouth, and from the feeling of his nut sack, soon Frank would be feeding him a full load of his hot sweet nectar! Frank rubbed his own chest and lightly flicked at his nipples while his room mate hoovered his very hard penis, and in almost a whisper, Frank let Gary know he was cumming when he said, Now baby, let daddy fill your mouth with his hot cum! Gary moaned loudly, anxious to receive the gift that was soon to shoot from his lover's thick erection, and as usual, he could always tell when Frank was about to cum because his pecker would pulsate hard in his mouth, and then spasm quickly before letting loose a torrent of sperm into his mouth.

Read Guy Boku to Kanojo to Yuurei to Ch. 1-4 Dildo Fucking Boku to Kanojo to Yuurei to Ch. 1-4

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Hes not even playing pool right
Mikaela hyakuya
This is your best work